Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something Interesting!

Okay, it's not that interesting, but maybe it's more interesting than my last post.
I discovered the other day that if you go to Michael's (or probably any other craft store), you can find really cheap gerbil stuff. Okay, $3.99 isn't that cheap for a hunk of wood, but it's a steal for something for your pet. I've been noticing that if if something has the word pet on it, people seem to think they can charge crazy amounts. For example, this house from Petco:normally costs $7.99. No kidding. And no. I haven't wasted my money on it. I just noticed it. It's crazy. It's literally a drilled out log with a roof glued on top (and I bet the glue isn't gerbil-safe!!). What makes people think they can make something like that cost so much?

Anyway, that's why I was super excited to find cheap-ish junk at Michael's. This thing probably would've cost at least $15:

And this thing at least $10:

Believe it or not, the one above actually used to have the hay stuff hanging down about an inch-and-a-half, but the evil gerbil with red eyes chewed it all off.
Both of these were actually made for birds, so the holes were pretty small. Of course with gerbils, this is never a problem because they just chew the hole bigger anyway. I also had to sand a couple places just so the AGS (American Gerbil Society - and yes, there is such a thing) wouldn't come and lock me up.
Well, that's my attempt at making a more interesting post. You either get really boring stuff or you get gerbils. Which would you prefer? Oh, neither? Sorry, I didn't have that as an option.


Steven said...

If neither was an option between long and boring or gerbils, you would have a blog much like Ben's.
(take that however you see fit)

NOW, on to the real meat of the comment!

Ok, ok.. Hey, now that you have a pirate ship you are going to have to deal with pirate jokes!

What is a pirates favorite piece of clothing?

ARRRRRgyle Socks!

Sarcastic Sally said...

And they're SOOO CUTE pictures, no less!

You should start selling them to construction companies as Demolition Gerbils, "for all your wood cutting needs." Maybe you could even genetically alter them to be big enough to sell to lumberjacks.

Ok, I'm off to catch up on your other posts. I have the attention span of a dead prairie dog, so it takes me a while to read them. Looks like some good stuff though.

How much did the pirate pay for his hook and peg leg?

An ARRRRm and a leg!

Great Googly Moogly! said...

Okay...I guess I'll give it a whack.

What do you call a stupid pirate?

The pillage idiot!

BTW--those gerbils look tasty...

Abbey said...

" would have a blog much like Ben's."

Yeah, I'm trying to make sense of that...

"Ok, I'm off to catch up on your other posts."

lol - don't worry about it. I'm terrible about getting around to reading people's blogs besides mine. :S

Jowy said...

Wow, I think if I put anything wood in my cage it would be gone in 3 days. :P

What's a pirate's favorite thing at a grocery store?


Abbey said...

Yeah, well the house is almost not standing anymore, and the ship's rail is pretty much non-existent. *ahh-umm* notice I gave them to my slower chewers.

And now I have to give my contribution to the stupid pirate joke cause.

What does a pirate cook with?


Mr. Worm said...


So, Shnabba... Did they eat the walls of the house?

Did they eat the masts before or after the sails?

Steven said...

Q. What is a pirate's favorite pastime?