Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What? You mean this blog sometimes gets updated?

Looks like it has been about twenty-eight days since I've posted...

Believe it or not, I actually haven't gotten sucked into the black hole of being a non-blogger. In fact, someone has actually been pulled (miraculously) from that void.

That's non other than the only Rjentina! Becky, I've only known you for the past 15+, and you still take me by surprise once in a while.

But wait! There's more news in this realm of blogofying! A blog has also been resurrected (yeah, other than mine...)! The great Roozer is back to annoy us!

I'm getting the feeling that this is very random.

You can thank my new batch of gerbils for that... I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from their party they had two nights ago. You see, I went to Petco to buy (another) water bottle for the gerbils. While I was there, I noticed they had a whole litter of gerbils (plus Mom and Dad) up for adoption. Considering the fact I was all ready breeding, I figured I might as well take them and sell them with the rest of my gerbils. Big mistake. That was the noisiest night I have ever "slept" through. I'm not really much of a light sleeper, and I couldn't even sleep through them. First they pawed behind their water bottle, making a huge racket every time the glass bottle hit the glass cage. I took the bottle out. They went over to the box and started pawing in there. After another long while, I couldn't take it anymore. I took the box out. They then started jumping, hitting the top of the cage with a loud thump ever time. No, I didn't take the lid off. I decided I should put something in there before they suffered from brain damage from hitting the top so hard. I put a wheel in the cage. Another big mistake. Finally, I was so fed up with them that I wanted to kill 'em all. Instead, I stuck them in the closet with the door closed. I managed to get a few hours of sleep before The Beast started buzzing. They look so innocent until you try to sleep... At that point, they turn into ravenous giants trying everything in their power to keep you from sleeping.

We went to Breckenridge for a week. Considering most of you have probably been to Breckenridge, I decided to skip out on the "beautiful scenery" pictures.
Of course, my wondrous green pillow came along. Thanks to The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbookand my biology course, I am now terrified of hotel rooms and condos. Why? Germs! Thank goodness I had my green pillow to comfort me. Unfortunately, my pillow didn't do all it was supposed to do. It was okay to sleep on, but I kept waking up with my neck aching...of course, this might be because I was also terrified to move in my bed. I knew that the one place I was sleeping was clean, but I wasn't about ready to touch any of the other sheets, quilt, or the wall. Someday I've got to get over this... Our house was filled with many odd yet fascinating things...
And you stare into those eyes and wonder how anyone could be so cruel... Okay, enough of that. This guy was all ready dead -- and mounted. I tried to talk Becky into wanting one of these for our green room. Besides the obvious problem of it taking up most of a wall, I though it would look great.I had all these strange dreams of actually getting some reading done in Breckenridge. I don't know what possessed me, but I brought up five books to read. How much did I get read? Well, if you add everything together maybe a 150 pages?...
Every morning I got to wake up to this guy looking down at me...rather disturbing.
This dude was even more disturbing...
But most disturbing was this cat right next to my bed! How much worse could a vacation be?!?
Becky is taking lessons on how to do self portraits.
Ben is getting a little better at it...
Lots of games!
Well, I was supposed to win, but...

Becky looks like an ad for a casino - I look like some who has actually been playing at a casino.
Becky's toothbrush frequently attacks her. It's because our dentist buys his toothbrushes from the Zulu in Africa. This tribe always curses the color red because it's the color of blood. This attack was a little worse than the ones that have happened in the past. In fact, it was so bad that she had to push on her neck to shut off her trachea and esophagus in order the keep the toothbrush from going down. Ben and I finally had to pull on the toothbrush with all our strength to keep it from going down. We will be shipping this toothbrush back to them directly, stating we aren't completely satisfied with it.
I'm sorry to say, I don't think she'll ever quite be the same.
Our amusing magnet on the fridge. By the way, since when do we put apostrophes every time we add an s?
This house had luxuries so bountiful that I even got my own thermostat!
It's always nice to relax on the porch with a good book - in the middle of a snow storm.
And then I had the sad reminder of what I got to do the day we got home. Speechify.
Okay, enough vacationing.
I started Popper #40 this week! Yippy! All I have to look forward to is another etude book! I have to say that my etude book is actually the International Edition, so it doesn't look quite like this one, but it's in about as good of shape. I think my cello teacher has had his book for his whole cello-playing career. Every time he takes the pieces of it out of his drawer, he says, "As you can see, this book has been well loved." And I always think, "Well, maybe it's in that bad of shape because it's well hated..." I don't have very many warm, fuzzy feelings when I think of this book. More like a tingling thumb. I think I'll stick with Rick Mooney next time. His at least have cool titles.

And finally, a very mini lecture/soap box. Here's what happens if people don't know how to witness to their own generation:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Amazing Grace?

I came across this video as I was looking for a different video of Amazing Grace that I had seen in the past. Besides the singer singing sharp for most of the time, the words are, well, interesting. Very reflective of how our culture wants peace but doesn't know what the root of war is and doesn't know what the implications of having a world that gets along perfectly are. Try taking Christianity out of this, and you'll have a hopeless mess to deal with. If this is their definition of amazing grace, I'd hate to know what their definition of peace is...
Oh, and since when did Judy Collins write Amazing Grace? That was a new one for me...
Even though it's rather sad, enjoy getting a laugh out of this one.

Iraq War Anniversary Vigil