Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Blog for Lecturing? Why not?

For any who know me at all, you know that one of my favorite past-times is lecturing people until they're ready to run out of the room screaming. Well, finally, when my sister was ready to throw me out of the house, I came up with the grand idea of starting a blog for lecturing on things. In the past, I've always been rather skeptical of blogs. After all, it seems a little odd that people would force their friends to use their own time to hear about what they've been doing. That's what Christmas letters are for, right? This is a lecture blog. That's not what blogs are usually used for, but I think it's a good use for one. Having this blog will hopefully ensure that my friends will no longer have to be submitted to the torture of hearing me rant and rave. Please only visit my blog if you feel like being lectured and if you feel like lecturing back. I didn't create this blog just to hear my side of things. I want to hear everyone else's opinions too! Even if I don't know you, feel free to comment and disagree/agree. If I start lecturing you about something other than when I'm writing something on this blog, please feel free to remind me that lecturing is what my blog is for.

Having the first lecture of this blog behind my back, let the festivities begin! *drum rolls please*